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Fall semester is coming to an end. Looking forward to the holidays and spring semester :]
Last semester at dvc, so I am gonna spend 4 days in a week at pleasant hill!!! need to chill with people more.

last updated was 9 weeks ago.

Within the past 9 weeks, I was on an extreme rollercoaster... filled with ups and downs.

The hardest part was making a 'once-in-a-lifetime' decision. What I want to do now that will affect my future, in fact, the rest of my life.
And the decision was whether I continue what I have or start something new. I chose to start something new, which is to go into nursing and become a registered nurse.
It is not the easier road I am taking, but I am sure I will enjoy it more and do something that benefits me and others. I love helping people, it is going to be difficult I know, but I have faith in myself and so does the others.

And then theres this one night, where it felt like a dream. I still am trying to remember everything that was said to me. I keep reminding myself what happened 'cause I do not want to forget. Whenever I close my eyes, I just want to see it again. That night was not something I expected.

Well, right now I have become very anti-social. I am tired of people asking me where I am going, what I am going to do, and this and that. I need a break. I am not going to anymore parties, I am not going to socialize as much, I am not going to skip class to hangout w/ people. All I want is to do something for myself, out of all the dramas, out of pretending I like her/him...

Of course, I will want to keep in-touch w. my livejournal friends! and a few others. And I will think about going to my own bday party, if I have one haha. Or other bday parties. Even though I know I will be missing out a lot, but I really need to change. I need to be mature, do something for myself to have a better future...



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